The Degree Show Monsters


Progressing from the miniature experiments I had made earlier, I decided to scale them up into giant versions.

Made from metres of calico and edged with black ink and blanket-stitched thread, the three monsters I chose  were  unique in both form and features, yet similar in style and material.

I wanted them to retain a child-like quality. I chose soft fabric and filling to loosely resemble a soft-toy whilst keeping their features basic but playful, mimicking negative facial expressions in  a cartoon appearance.

The seven-legged monster had wire legs to allow them to move or be positioned  in a less rigid stance, adding more life to the structure.


The bigger monster  was a more complex build, with an internal wooden frame that had to be assembled in the space before being padded out with cushions and stuffing.


The floor Monster used a lot of stuffing, with additional bean bags to allow people to sit or lie comfortably on the monster’s stomach.



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